Kauai Beaches

Kauai Beaches

We care for the health and safety of all visitiors. Please be mindful at all times, and use common sense before entering the rivers and oceans in Hawaii. Please visit Hawaii Lifeguard Association for Hawaii Beach Safety tips and information.

North shore Kauai Beaches

Ke'e  Beach Literally, the end of the road. The last beach that you can drive to on the north shore, Ke'e's gentle ocean lagoon is best utilized in the calm ocean conditions of the summer. The lagoon is protected from waves by reefs which provide good snorkeling during these seasonal calms. A view of the entire Na Pali coast stretches westwards from this point. Public parking, bathrooms and showers.

Hanalei Bay is a 2-mile crescent shaped bay with white sand and magical mountains.  It is more than just stunning beautiful, Hanalei is also an amazing ocean playground.  Enjoyed by visitors and residents alike, there is no place like Hanalei.

Tunnels Beach (Makua Beach) offers an incredible view of the mountains featured in the movie, "South Pacific." A wonderful beach for snorkeling, Tunnels Beach is good for everyone. The inner reef is great for beginners and children, while the outer reefs are for the more surfers, divers, and snorkelers. Public parking, bathrooms and showers at Haena Beach Park located west of Tunnels.

Lumahai Beach One of the most beautiful and most dangerous large white sand beaches on the north shore of Kauai.  Strong undertow and powerful waves create a steep sand slope causing the waves to break directly on shore. Like most north shore beaches, summer time usually provides the best conditions for enjoying this beach. Dirt parking lot. No facilities.

Anini Beach A serene and tranquil stretch of sandy beach protected by Hawaii's largest coral reef.   Windsurfers enjoy the calm waters and common winds. The actual name of this beach is 'Wanini', but the "W" fell off the name sign, and rather than fixing the sign the name has permanently changed. Public parking, bathrooms and showers.

Secret Beach Know for it's vertical cliff walls, long beach, and a view of the Kilauea lighthouse make this beach one of Kauai's secret treasures.  Not easily accessible.  A 15 minute hike downhill gets you to the beach. Dirt parking lot. No facilities.

For more information on Kauai Beaches please go to www.kauaiexplorer.com.